Jane's writings on her technique, travels and general pottery articles.
by Jane Gibson 01st Mar 2018
Another article about potters in Sierra Leone. The factory makes bricks and stove linings and sits next to the swamp where the traditional potters obtain their clay.
by Jane Gibson 01st Mar 2018
An extraordinary trip seeing potters and other crafts from BC to the present day visiting Samarkand, Khiva and Bukhara.
by Jane Gibson 26th Jan 2017
Jane returns to the village to experience a traditional firing.
by Jane Gibson 25th Jan 2017
As Ebola dies away Jane manages to find a traditional pottery village.
by Jane Gibson 18th Jul 2015
A pottery struggling after the advent of Ebola
by Jane Gibson 18th Jul 2015
The dream of a potter in Sierra Leone
by Jane Gibson 27th May 2015
The end of 100 years of Pottery production in a Goan village
by Jane Gibson 23rd Jul 2014
A visit to a small colony of potters firing with an interesting bonfire kiln.
by Jane Gibson 23rd Jul 2014
Amonth in CHina on Christine Ann Richards tenth Anniversary Tour
by Jane Gibson 07th Aug 2013
I meet two colonies of potters at either end of town, Muslim and Hindu, both firing pots in very different ways.
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